Seggiano Oils & Vinegars

Seggiano produce and bottle Seggiano extra virgin olive oil, with the help and collaboration of neighbouring family smallholders living near Seggiano, who reserve their annual mono cultivar olivastra seggianese oil for the Seggiano label. The local olive variety is an original wild cultivar, exclusive to the Seggiano area and simply known as the olivastra seggianese. These unique olivastra trees are unusual for their majestic size, their hardiness at high altitude and particularly for the creamy delicacy of the extra virgin olive oil which can be extracted from their fruit. FLAVOURED EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILS - Produced in Puglia by the DeCarlo family, the certified organic fruit oils are made by stone milling selected handpicked Ogliarola olives together with fresh local organic fruit. BALSAMIC VINEGAR - Seggiano Matured and Aged balsamic vinegars of Modena are made from organic grapes and are free of any artifice or additives, such as sulphites or caramel colouring. Balanced, harmonious and delicious, these four leaf vinegars are top of their league.

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